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Online Retail (Social)

5.2x National Retail Average Click-Through-Rate!

Demo: A18+ holiday shopping for kids

Medium: Paid Social

Creative: :10 second video ad with supporting social text

Goal: Drive visits to the brands Amazon product listing.

What: A 4-week campaign utilized to boost holiday sales of a specific retail items within a brands product catalog; regional paid social media campaign with the goal of reaching A18+ on social media who were holiday shopping for kids approx. ages of 5-15 years old in their lives. Driving those consumers to the client’s Amazon product listing for purchase.

Within the first 3 days of the campaign, major optimizations were made within targeting to adjust towards consumers who had higher engagement rates with the ad. By the end of the first week, the campaign was fully optimized towards driving not only engagement, but higher CTRs (click-through-rates), delivering consumers directly to the Amazon product listing for purchase.

Results: The 4-week paid social campaign delivered an 8.40% CTR (5.2x the average, retail average CTR is 1.59%) and a $0.33 CPC (cost per click) (2.12x lower than the average, retail average is $0.70). With a conservatively estimated 3% conversion rate on sales, this campaign delivered a 2.7:1 Return on Ad Spend (RoAS).

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