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National Cable TV

5.16:1 RoAS in the first 2 weeks of launching the campaign!

Demo: W25-39 with young children in the home

Medium: National Cable TV

Creative: :30 TV commercial

Goal: Sales. To drive consumers to CPG brand’s website to purchase product.

What: A national cable TV campaign ran with the goal of reaching W25-39 with young children in the home. Cable networks were compiled based upon various ways to reach those W25-39 with young children in the home (ie: W25-49 networks and programming based on lifestyle, children’s programming, and news).

Campaign tracking was added to the brand’s website to monitor sales volume.

Within the first two weeks of the campaign, several networks rose to the top – delivering a high volume of sales. At the same time, a handful of networks fell to the bottom – delivering zero sales. The networks with zero sales were taken off the campaign moving forward, and the networks with higher sales were prioritized toward the times of day and specific programming with the highest sales volume and greatest efficiencies. Campaign optimizations continued throughout the campaign to increase both product sales volume, as well as revenue per sale.

Results: In the first 2 weeks, this national cable TV campaign delivered over $50k in sales, paying for more than the initial 8-week total campaign of $40k, making the Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) for these initial launch weeks over 5:1.

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